You want to feel connected and content

You want to have more energy and feel less stress.

You want to smile more and mean it. 

You want to feel more love for yourself. 

You want to stop feeling broken.

If that sounds like you – you have found the right place

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You are not broken. You are, in fact, perfect and whole. You have the strength to feel connection, contentment and love. You have just forgotten how to call on that strength. I can help you remember.

I can help you find a natural path back to your true self.    

My life has always been about healing and teaching in one way or another. I studied psychology because the human brain fascinates me. I studied medicine as a physician assistant because I wanted to help people. And I landed in academia, teaching neurology, women’s health and psychiatry because in my heart of hearts, I am a teacher. So this work of teaching women how to find healing in their lives, feeds my soul and heals my heart.

I know what it feels like to view life though a veil of depression and anxiety. I have spent over 20 years struggling with major depression and generalized anxiety. As a wife and a mother of four school-aged kids, I functioned well most of the time because I had to. I appeared happy most of the time and even felt happy sometimes. But there was always an undercurrent of knowing there had to be more. I reached for everything I could find outside of myself to ease that pain, too much work, too much shopping, too much time playing on my phone and way too much alcohol. 

I know my story isn’t unique. There are so many women like me, like you, living with a feeling that they are broken. Afraid they missed the memo on how to be a happy adult. Sure there has to be something more. It wasn’t until I realized that there is nothing outside of myself that will lessen the feelings of sadness and stress that I found more….more connection, more energy, more love and more strength. It wasn’t until I turned inward for the answers that I realized I was already enough. AND SO ARE YOU.

We all have an innate wisdom that guides us to feeling connected and whole. I have found that through a regular practice of yoga, meditation, self-inquiryand self-care, I can find strength in what once felt broken. It is through this lens that I work with women to find their own strength and their own path through depression and anxiety. 

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