Work With Me


Does it feel like the demands of your life take so much energy that there is nothing left to do at the end of the day but fall into bed exhausted?

Are you moving through life feeling disconnected? From your friends? Your family? Your body? Your breath?

Do you find yourself feeling overwhelmed and sad with no “good” reason to feel that way?

Are there too many days when life feels like something to be endured rather than something to be enjoyed?

You are sure that life has much more to offer...

    More connection

    More resilience

    More peace

    More inspiration

    More abundance

You are right. There is much more. And together we can find your path to your best self.

I am inviting you on a six-week journey toward greater connection and more ease in your everyday life.

Here are the nuts and bolts of the process:

  • Each week you will receive a workbook with journaling questions and exercises chosen just for you.

  • We will meet every week, 1:1 for a 45-minute coaching call by phone or video conference.

  • Email and text support between sessions, based on your specific accountability plan (we’ll also define what this looks like for you!)

What you can expect:

During the first two weeks we will lay the foundation for our work together. We will develop a road map for your emotional balance, we will define or refine your meditation practice and we will build a plan for your self-care that fits into your life.

Together, we will plan the rest of your journey to include information, practices and exercises that will support your goals. Some possible areas of exploration include:

  • Creating and using affirmations

  • Support in moderating or quitting alcohol

  • Nutrition and supplements to support emotional balance

  • Developing creativity and joy practices

  • Getting clear on meaning and purpose

  • Practicing the art of surrender

What is the result?

You will find along the way that the places that once felt broken are the places that this work heals and the result is a stronger, more resilient you.  

You will build up a reserve of energy so that you are giving to the people around you from your overflow rather than from your reserves.

You will feel more connected to yourself and the people around you.

You will move through your day with more grace and ease.

You will see life through the eyes of someone who is peaceful and strong.

Quite simply, you will breathe a sigh of relief.

Your first step is to schedule a free 30 minute session with me. We will discuss your goals and I’ll answer any questions you have about my work or the coaching process.

Ready to connect? Let's talk!